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Copyright 2015

Copyright 2015

John Howard IV - Director of Training

John Howard IV has a background in information technology, electronics and is the Director of Training of U.S. Investigations and Protection Agency - U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Bureau, the former Director of Operations for the USI Outdoor Shooting Range in Harvey, Ill., Howard is the Only Utah DPS Bail Enforcement Firearms Licensing Instructor in the eastern and central region of the United States. He is an NRA certified instructor; NRA Range Safety Officer; Illinois State Police approved ILCCF Instructor; IDFPR Firearms Instructor; Utah Concealed Carry Instructor; TCTI Instructor Defensive Semi-Auto Instructor; USI Advanced and Defensive Tactics Firearms Training Instructor; FEA Compliance Direction Takedown Instructor; Compliance and Control Tactics Instructor and Utah Bail Enforcement Recovery Licensure Board authorized Instructor. Howard is also a Winchester\NRA Marksman, Winchester\NRA Sharpshooter, Winchester\NRA Distinguished Expert Semi-Auto Pistol and Distinguished Expert Semi-Auto Defensive Pistol 1.

John Howard IV is also a pepper ball Instructor / armorer who promotes the use of nonlethal tactics in situations when the use of force options change. John Howard IV is currently working on an initiative which will make a 24 hour (U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Bureau) non-lethal taskforce available to any local, county or state government entity. John has worked with multiple municipalities in different areas of need including introducing ancilary training programs for local police departments as well as other training collaborations with the, State of Illinois Police CSU, Nuclear Security Personnel, Department of Justice FBOP, UT Dept of Public Safety and more.

Marilu Quiroga Director

FEA\BEA Intelligence

Quiroga and her team is responsible for verifying information for Bail Enforcement Agents \ Fugitive Enforcement agents before any operation commences. Agent Quiroga has a plethera of knowledge and trains continuosly. list of education and training is as follows:  Associate Degree Studies – Criminal Justice, U.S. Fugitive Enforcement Bureau – Fugitive Enforcement Agent, IDFPR Approved Firearms Training,  Utah Department Of Public Safety- Firearms Instructor, IRB\ Accurint Database Training Certified, U.S. Investigations And Protection Agency - Handcuffing / Baton, U.S. Investigations And Protection Agency – FEA Compliance Direction Takedown, USI – Interviewing Techniques - Training, USI - Voice Risk Analysis \ Eye Tracking - Training,  Former and existing Clearances, Licenses and Certifications –> Illinois FOID holder, IDFPR PERC, NRA Pistol Instructor, Illinois State Police Live Scan Fingerprinting Certified, Fugitive Enforcement Agent – Firearms Authorized (Utah Bureau of Criminal ID, )First Aid \ AED Certified, TCTI Semi-Auto Firearms Certification

Obed Anthony Lopez

Fugitive Recovery Agent \ Firearms Instructor

Anthony lopez is a exceptionaly experienced and knowledgable instructuctor in multiple disciplines with a background in CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Proffesonal). Lopez was a small arms instuctor at the Great Lake Naval Base where he trained and certified recruits and Naval enlisted personal. Lopez also disciplines and certifications includes: Presure Point Control Tacticts, Illinois State Police Cerfified CCL Instructor, Illinois Department of Professional Regulation Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics - SARS Instructor (Sudden Assualt Response System), ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Education Trainers Association) Smith and Wesson, Sprinfield Armory and Glock armorer certified, NRA Firearms Instructor - Inclicluding--> Range Safety Officer, Rifle Instructor, Shotgun Instructor, Refuse to Be A Victim, protection inside the home and protection outside the home, Utah Depatmentof Public Safety CFP Instructor, TCTI (Total Control Training Institute) Semi Auto Pistol Instructor for Law Enforcement - Fugitve Enforcement Cetified - Security, DTI firearms Instructor, NERM ILEETA First Responders Counter Terrorism Instructor, Bail Enforcement Firearms Certified.  

Rasheed Bonds Field Operations Coordinator

Fugitive Recovery Agent \ Field Operations

Agent Rasheed Bonds has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice. As a Dean's List graduate Agent Bonds graduated with a 3.8 GPA which he worked very hard to achieve. Agent Bonds is one of the Agency's Field Operations Coordinators who approves any and all field operations for fugitive enforcement agents and bail enforcement agents alike. As FOC (Field Operations Coordinator) Agent Bonds works closely with the Intelligence Division of the Agency and Bureau, updating law enforcement in multiple jurisdictions of task force operations. Agent Bonds believes in cohesive relationships with with law enforcement , bail bond agencies and network associate agents in different states.

Clifford Cardall Field Operations Coordinator

Fugitive Recovery Agent \ Field Operations

25 year Law Enforcement Veteran Started his career April 1986 with the Utah Department of Corrections. Only 1 of 2 graduates to be assigned to the Special Operations Unit straight out of the academy. Special Operations Unit consisted of K-9 and SWAT. Cardall was a K-9 Officer for 4 years. As a K-9 officer, he assisted numerous state, county and federal agencies on drug searches and fugitive apprehensions. Cardall was Promoted to the Division of Adult Probation and Parole where he was promoted as a Field Training Agent. Also assigned to a Narcotics/Gang Task Force for 4 yrs. After leaving the Task Force he took an assignment as a Fugitive Agent. Cardall's duties were to track down and arrest fugitives. Promoted to Supervisor (rank of Captain) Supervised the Investigations Unit and Fugitive Unit. Assigned as a Supervisor on a Federal Fugitive Task Force with the U.S. Marshal’s Service. Received the Department of Corrections Gold Medal of Valor for his participation in a standoff with a radical Polygamist group that bombed a church. This standoff resulted in his Lt. being shot and killed. Cardall was also shot. Cardall also received the Purple Heart for being injured in the apprehension of a fugitive. Cardall Received the Medal of Merit for assisting in the apprehension of an escapee from prison. Received two Bronze stars for assisting in the apprehension of a parole fugitive which resulted in the shooting of a Salt Lake City Police Detective. Also for his participation in the polygamist standoff.

Thomas Dunlap Special Services

Fugitive Recovery Agent \ Use Of Force Trainer

Lawrence Grott

Fugitive Recovery Agent

Lawrence Grott Is a highly trained agent with experience as a Correctional Sgt. /Officer for the Maximum Control Complex and the Westville Correctional Facility; Responsible for control of prisoners, high security prisoner transports, conduct population counts, cell checks and searches, supervise meals and yard duty, prepared and filed incident reports, handled a variety of emergency situations, and supervised officers. Grott Also perfomed many duties on the Swat Team at the Westville Correctional Facility.

Three letters of commendation -Certified First Aid/CPR -Certified trip officer and hand gun qualified-Quick Response Team certificates-Quick Response teams: First responders, cell extraction team, and weapons team-Emergency Squad: Building assaults, bomb search, fire rescue, crowd control, riot control, escapes and apprehension, prisoner searches, various weapons and equipment, functioned in conjunction with internal affairs and K-9 team-State of Indiana weapons certifications: Chemical agents OC/CN, handgun, shotgun, rifle, SL6, 203 gas gun, M-5 protecto-jet, hand thrown munitions, 30” & 36” baton-Correctional Training Institute criminal justice course work-Emergency Preparedness Competition certificate-State of Indiana Pre-Service Academy-Emergency Squad Academy

Nelson Gardner

Fugitive Recovery Agent \ Firearms Instructor

Agent Garner is a security professional having been a partner in Protectis Inc. since its beginning early in 2015. His interest in security and firearms training.  

short list of credentials includes the following: Class 1 Federal Firearms License , State licensed Armed Security Officer, State licensed Personal Protection Specialist, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, State Licensed Bail Enforcement Firearms Instructor, State Certified Concealed Firearms Permit Instructor, Fluent in Spanish.

Garners's business experience both domestically and internationally gives him a great perspective on the need for true professionals in the Security, Training, and Bail Enforcement areas.